Dan Zahavi 研究與著作工作坊
講者:Dan Zahavi 教授(哥本哈根大學)

時間:2019年3月21日 (四) 14:00-18:00

「Dan Zahavi研究與著作工作坊」-將談論近期研究重點「現象學與質性研究」
並針對近年著作Husserl’s Legacy、Self and Other: Exploring Subjectivity, Empathy, and Shame等進行討論。

Amedeo Giorgi, Jonathan Smith and Max van Manen are three leading proponents of phenomenology as a qualitative research method. All three enjoy wide popularity and are routinely referenced by qualitative researchers, but they differ in their methodological recommendations and in their view of how narrowly or broadly one should define what counts as phenomenological. Must phenomenological qualitative research embrace and adopt part of Husserl’s philosophical method, in particular his notions of epoché and reduction, or is it sufficient simply to consider the first-person perspective of the patient or client in order to make the approach in question phenomenological? In my talk, I will criticize all three researchers and propose a different way to apply phenomenology in the domain of qualitative research.

Prof. Dr. Wei-lun Lee, Dept. of Counseling & Clinical Psychology